Hi there, My name is Charlie but maybe better known as Brookr, the singer/songwriter specialising in the genre of Neo Soul based in Bristol and this is my website where you can find links to my music, information about myself and my recent work. It also includes press shots, a promo video and artwork too!

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On my instagram page you will find a link to my distrokid account which will give you access to all the platforms my music is on

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On my TikTok you will find clips and previews of my upcoming releases and a deeper, swift insight into my recording process and home set up. I feel as an aspiring recording artist it is important to keep doucmentating my progress and to show msyelf working where I feel most comfortable.

Branding Page and Informtion

My Aesthetic:

The genre in which I fit in is Neo Soul as my music intertiwnes elements of Soul and Hip Hop through combining a variety of singing, rapping and spoken word. I enjoy creating music which has a clear narrative to follow as music is something which I have found to be therapeutic as it has worked well for me in putting my raw emotions into a creative space where I can share it as talking about it normally is something I have always found challenging.

The music for me overall showcases R&B influences and conscious driven lyrics. Neo soul also incorporates elements of jazz fusion, funk and gospel and so this is some of the reason into why there are implementations of jazz guitar lines and then layered vocals to give off that gospel essence at points with my work.


Some of my main influences when it comes to creating music stem from artists like Loyle Carner, Little Simz and Fred again. These are just to name a few too, they write from a more honest and reflective perspective and a lot of the time they draw from real experiences when writing lyrics. These artists tend to steer clear from dynamic storytelling and into a more honest, reflective voice.

Information about recent collaborative work

For example for my performance showcase assessment I had to construct a full tech list and stage plot to give to the engineers on the day of the performance. By producing a full on tech list for this performance it aided me in shaping my overarching aesthetic.

Furthermore for modules like performance showcase, me and my course mate Billy who goes under the artist name 'distanceovertime' of thought that it would be of been a solid idea to establish a whole visual aspect to have playing on a projector in between tracks and to help carry the narrative and overall aesthetic.This was carried out through us collecting footage of around Bristol and then recording elements of spoken word over it, before then editing it within the editing software IMovie.


Promo Video for my Upcoming EP 'All in Good time'